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They can both be effective pitches. Whether a pitcher can control a pitch is the key to how effective that pitch is.

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Q: Which is a more effective pitch a three finger changeup or a circle changeup?
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What is it called when you throw a slow pitch?

A changeup pitch is a slow pitch thrown to look like a fastball.

Which Hall of Famer threw the best changeup pitch?

Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

What are some pitches thrown in the MLB?

fastball curveball changeup slider are the four most common. there are different variations of each pitch but those are the basic names.

How do you calculate face width per gear?

Its is taken standard as 2*pitch circle diameter - 3**pitch circle diameter for cast teeth. 3 *pitch circle diameter - 4 *pitch circle diameter for cut teeth. Pitch circle diameter = PI*module regards, Pranav

Pitch circle is an imaginary circle on a gear true or false?

Yes, the pitch circle is an imaginary circle on the gear that passes through the gear teeth and the addendums.

How do you calculate the pitch circle diameter?

circle diameter minus center of pitch cirlce raius

Is there a center circle in GAA?

No, there is no centre circle on a GAA pitch.

What is a good pitch speed for a 15 year old baseball player?

well it depends if your a pitcher or if you play the field if your a pitcher a good speed is from 75 to 85 if your a fielder a good pitch speed is from 65 to 75 as long as you got a good changeup to back it up

What pitches did greg maddux throw?

His main pitch was a 2-seam fastball. Other than that he threw a changeup, and about once or twice a game he threw a curveball. Later in his career he started throwing a cutter and a slider

Angle at which the bowling ball finger holes are drilled?

It depends on the person's grip, style of bowling, hand strength and intention. They are termed as finger/thumb pitch.

How do we change the pitch of a violin?

The pitch of any violin string is changed depending on which spot on the fingerboard a finger is placed.

Formula fordividing of pitch circle daimeter?

I need answer