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all different, not better or worse, different bikes suit different people. both good brands

haro is the best cos they bikes that are good for everything, for my money it would be haro but it truly depends on your budget and what you would like

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Fit bike co. is trust me i have one and it has never broke down on me before.I have a friend who has a haro and we were riding and his cranks fell off.

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Q: Which is a better bike haro or gt?
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Which bike is better haro or gt?

Haro by a long shot

What is haro bikes?

ANSWER: I believe that Haro is the best BMX complete bikes for the money. I love my Haro BMX race bike.

What is better mirrico or haro?

There is no data to prove that a Haro bike is any better or worse than a Mirraco bike. There are many strong supporters of each brand. It will be a personal decision based on the features you are looking for.

What bike should i choose?

haro Not a haro

How good are Haro's?

haro bikes are quality espicialy the haro x3 amazing bike 10/10 :)

Was the gt intercepter a good bike?

When the Interceptor first came out, they were GT's bottom of the line BMX bike. It's a better bike now, but still a low end bike.

Where can i order bike decals for a 09' haro f2?

usually you are a luck man if you can find any decals from a haro bike, i had the same problem and haro informed me that they dont hold on to past bike decals so your out of luck sorry

What is best haro x3 or haro f3?

haro F3 is better

Inventor of haro bikes?

The inventor of the Haro Bike is Bob Haro. He was born on June 29, 1958 and is a former freestyle BMX rider.

Whiich bike is better dyno or a gt bike?

dyno is gt technicly but dyno was only made for afew years and they didnt perfect it i have one i love it but name brand gts' are better

What is a cheap and light freestyle bmx bike?


What bmx is better gt or x-rated?

GT there soo much better , x-rated is an halfords own bike and not very good .