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.440 is a higher batting average than .426

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Q: Which is a better batting average 440 or 426?
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Is a hemi bigger than a 440?

No, the Hemi is a 426.

What engines were available in a 1970 dodge charger rt?

440, 440-6, 426 hemi.

Who has the single season record mlb batting average?

Hugh Duffy of Boston in 1894 with a Batting average of .440.

What Chrysler engine will bolt up to an original 727 transmission in a scout?

mopar 361, 383, 413, 426, 440, or the 426 hemi.

Which engine is faster a Mopar 426 hemi or a Mopar 440?

The 426 Hemi developed 425 H.P. The 440 developed 390 H.P. They both developed 490 lb/ft of torque. Installed in the same body with the same gear ratio and same transmission the 426 Hemi will be faster.

What player's 440 batting average is the highest single season average?

Hugh Duffy of the 1894 Boston Beaneaters.

What engine did a 1970 Plymouth road runner have?

base engine was the 383. optional was the 440 , 440 +6 (3 2bbl carbs) and the 426 hemi

What American made muscle cars are the fastest ever?

Buick GSX 455, Pontiac GTO 455, Chevy Chevelle LS6 454, Dodge Charger 440 or 426, Ford Mustang 428, Dodge road runner, challenger 440 or 426.

What is the highest batting average and year?

Hugh Duffy hit .440 in 1894 for the Chicago white stockings.

Will 426 Chrysler heads fit on a 440 block?

I believe I read someplace that they will fit with a little machining.

How rare is a 1968 Dodge Coronet RT with a 440 and a 4 speed transmission?

1968 CORONET R/T PRODUCTION FIGURES10,280 total production for the 2 Door Hardtop9,964 shipped to US dealers7,751 equipped with the 440 Magnum engine & HD automatic1,983 equipped with the 440 Magnum engine & 4-speed130 equipped with the 426 Hemi & HD automatic100 equipped with the 426 Hemi & 4-speed8 equipped with the 426 Hemi and shipped to Canada? number of Export's unknown

What size engine will fit in a 1970 charger?

225 slant 6, 318, 383, 440, 426 Hemi...