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Q: Which interfaces is most popular
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What is the most popular way an internal DVD drive interfaces with a motherboard?

The most popular is a parallel ATA interface.

Why do menu-driven interfaces continue to be popular in the modern computing age?

Menu-driven interfaces continue to be popular because they are easier to figure out and work with than command-line interfaces, with frequently cryptic and hard to recall commands and option selections.

Which type of operating systems is more close to user why?

Some types of operating systems can have great user interfaces and feel closer to users. Windows systems are among the most popular and well known of user interfaces.

What is the function of adodc?

Visual Basic is probably the most popular language in which to develop applications for ADO...Because ActiveX Data Objects expose their properties by means of COM interfaces, they can be accessed by any language that can utilize COM...

When was Innovative Interfaces created?

Innovative Interfaces was created in 1978.

Where does most present -day faulting of rock occur?

At interfaces between moving parts of the lithosphere

When was Silicon Interfaces created?

Silicon Interfaces was created in 1990-02.

This command displays statistics for the network interfaces on the router.?

Show Interfaces

What can be used with the scsi-based technology is it image scanners or switches?

Image scanners often used SCSI interfaces, although most use USB these days. Switches use network interfaces, such as RJ45 (CAT5) or BNC.

What is the minimum number of interfaces that a java class can have?

Zero. By default they do not implement any interfaces.

Where do most transform faults occur?

Most present-day faults occur along boundaries. The three types of geologic boundaries are transform boundaries, divergent boundaries and convergent boundaries.

What are the comparative and superlative form of the word great and popular?

Comparative: greater, more popular Superlative: greatest, most popular