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B. Enforcer

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Q: Which ice hockey term is defined as player whose primary job is to protect teammates?
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What can a hockey helmet help you with?

They can protect your head from a hockey puck traveling in excess of 60 mph or the uncotrolled weilding of a hockey stick.

Why are hockey pants baggy?

Hockey players to protect against bumps and falls. Cotton or foam in there and it seemsthat the baggy clothes hockey.

Hockey is the primary game in India?

Hockey is considered a primary game in India as it is quite popular across the country. There are also other sports that people of India engage in.

What you do when your playing field hockey?

Tackle the opposition when they have the ball; pass the ball to teammates; maintain possession; score goals; prevent the other team scoring goals against you.

Is Steve yzerman in the hockey hall of fame?

Yes, Steve Yzerman was inducted to the NHL Hall of Fame in 2009. He was inducted with former teammates Brett Hull and Luc Robitaille.

What do goalies on ice hockey do?

Their primary job is to keep the puck from going into the net.

What do hockey shoes have to have?

Hockey "skates" need to have steel blades for ice hockey or urethane [plastic] wheels for roller hockey. The boot part of the skate should have good support for the ankle and be made sturdy enough to protect the foot from the impact of pucks and hockey sticks.

What sport uses a puck?

Ice Hockey,Roller hockey,Underwater Hockey,Table HockeyShuffleboardand a few others to refer to a primary playing device of cylindrical slice of thickness typically less than the radius of the cylinder.

What is the role of a hockey goalie?

The role of a hockey goalie is to stand in front of the goal and attempt to prevent the opposing team from hitting the puck into the goal. Apart from staying focused on the puck and stopping it from reaching the goal, they are also charged with the task of moving the puck to strategic places for their teammates.

Did bobby orr have a bad temper?

Bobby Orr had a pretty bad temper but whenever he went on a temper tantrum he was standing up for his teammates. He is also the best defenseman ever to play hockey.

What is Adam David Commens famous for?

Adam Commens is a famous Australian field hockey player. He was born on May 6, 1976 and he goes by the nickname his teammates gave him, Billy. He plays for Australia.

Which hockey term is defined as hitting an opponent with the stick while it is held in both hands?