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Marciano is the only heavyweight champion to retire with an undefeated record, though he is often omitted from the lists of the greatest of all time due to the realitivly low level of competition in the heavyweight division at that time...

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2009-08-12 19:01:24
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Q: Which heavyweight boxer beat Marcianos record?
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Who is the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight championship?

Mike Tyson was 20 when he beat Trevor Berbick for the WBC title.

Who was the first boxer to beat lennoix Lewis?

oliver mccall by tko in the 2nd round where he lost the wbc heavyweight title

Who beat seven foot tall boxer Nikolay Valuev to become the new WBA heavyweight champion?

mike Tyson

Where or how did welterweight term originate?

First attested in English 1832, "heavyweight horseman," later "boxer or wrestler of a certain (given) weight" (1896), from earlier welter "heavyweight horseman or boxer" (1804), possibly from Old English welt (verb sap. form) "beat severely" (c.1400)

Who was the first boxer to beat Muhammad Ali as a professional?

That was Joe Frazier in the first of their three fights on March 8, 1971 at Madison Square Garden for Frazier's heavyweight title.

Did Roy Jones Jr win a heavyweight title?

yes, on the 1st march 2003, Jones jr moved up to heavyweight and beat wba titleholder john ruiz for the title, then moved back down to light heavyweight. will have his full pro record.

Who did Mike Tyson win his first heavyweight belt from?

he beat trevor berbick in November 1986 to win the wbc title.

Is Triple H going to beat ric flairs record in world championships?

yes because he is like 5 heavyweight championships from beating the record and HHH has a long career ahead of him

What is the best boxing style?

I think "Counterpuncher", the style of Joe Louis, the best heavyweight boxer ever lived. Louis beat guys who used every other style (Max Baer, slugger / Jack Sharkey, swarmer / Jersey Joe Walcott, Out-Boxer). Fact is that Louis beat every famous and well-known heavyweight in his time, during his prime. Some say that boxing is like the child game "Rock-Paper-Scissors", every style beats another certain style, but is beaten by another one, who wins against the first mentioned. Sluggers beat swarmers, out-boxers beat sluggers and swarmers beat out-boxers. A good example are Muhammad Ali (out-boxer), George Foreman (slugger) and Joe Frazier (swarmer). Foreman beat Frazier, Ali beat Foreman and Frazier beat Ali. And the counterpuncher (also called boxer-puncher) beats every of these other styles.

Can you name the boxers Gary mason beat?

here's mason's record

Can boxer beat a pitbull?


Who was the first Light Heavyweight Champion to win the Heavyweight title?

Michael Spinks in 1985 when he beat Larry Holmes. Bob Fitzsimmons won the heavyweight title first, then the light heavyweight championship.

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