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A sleeping baby would have a faster heart beat because children have a faster heart rate than adults even when they are sleeping.

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Q: Which heart beats faster that of a man who has been jogging for an hour or that of a sleeping baby?
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Which heart beats faster- that of a man who has been jogging for an hour or that of a sleeping baby?

Children naturally have a faster sleeping heart rate than adults, so the sleeping baby would have a faster beat.

How affects heart rate?

our heart rate is affected due to our activities for example when we are running our heart is beating more faster and when we are sleeping our heart beats at a slower rate

Is your pulse slower the faster your heart beats?

No, your pulse spikes every time your heart beats. So your pulse is basically the same as your heartbeat. If your heart beats faster, your pulse is faster.

Why does the heart beats fast when you exercise?

because the heart needs to get more oxygen cells round the body so it beats faster. this is why your heart beats faster when you exercise. :)

Why does your heart beat faster?

because it just beats faster

Why do your heart beats faster when you excercise?

The heart beats faster when we exercise because the heart pumps more blood and the body also needs more blood

What is normal heart rate with movement?

the heart beats approximatively100 times when running or jogging when you swim it beats the same amount but stronger movement increase the speed

What organ beats faster if you are smaller?


Why does the heart beats faster when frightened?

when your excited

The smaller this organ the faster it beats?

The answer it the heart...

Does a mans heart beat faster then a woman's?

No a woman's heart beats faster than a mans

How many heart beats a minute?

It depends on whatever you are doing, like if you are doing exercise your heart beats faster.

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