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Manchester United have defifinately won more matches then Manchester City.

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Q: Which has won more football matches Manchester United or Manchester City?
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Where is Manchester United from?

Manchester United Football Club is from the city of Manchester in England.

Are Manchester United based in city of Manchester?

Yes both Manchester United and Manchester City Football Club are located in the city of Manchester.

How many football league teams are there in Manchester?

There are two football clubs in Manchester; Manchester United and Manchester City.

How many football teams has Manchester?

they have two Manchester city and Manchester united

Who has bin a football team longer Manchester city or Manchester united?

The mighty reds! ( Manchester united )

Most Football matches won in top flight English Football and the second team?

Manchester city

What football team is better Manchester united or Manchester city?

man. u

What is Manchesters football team called?

It has two; Manchester United Manchester City

Which football team has the best football pitch in England?

Manchester city then manchester united then third blackburn

Which football club is older man city or man united?

Man United. Manchester United was founded in 1878 Manchester City was founded in 1880

Wie viele berühmte Fußballteams gibt es in Manchester?

Es gibt zwei berühmte Fußballteams in Manchester: Manchester United und Manchester City. How many famous football teams are there in Manchester? There are two famous football teams in Manchester: Manchester United and Manchester City.

What is Manchester famous for?

Manchester is famous for its football teams (Manchester United and Manchester City) and for the amount of celebrities that live/stay there.

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