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Density is defined as the ratio between mass and volume. Since a Bowling ball is much much heavier than a soccer ball (which is mainly filled with air), a bowling ball is much denser.

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Q: Which has greater density a bowling ball or a soccer ball?
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If soccer ball and a bowling ball are about the same size why does the bowling ball have more mass?

A soccer ball is hollow and filled with air, which has little density. A bowling ball is solid material of a much greater density. * Because bowling balls have a standard size, about 21.8 cm in diameter, bowling balls weighing less than 5.4 kg (12 lb) will float in water.

Will a bowling ball float?

no unless it is floating on a liquid with a density greater than that of the bowling ball.

Why is a bowling ball heavier than a basketball?

A bowling ball's density is greater than a basketball

What has a greater density a bowling ball or a soccer ball explain?

Because a soccer ball is made of "polished" pieces of fabric sown together and a bowling ball is made of Urethane, which is optimized ceramic material which has been partially hollowed and a core has been placed in the middle, I would say bowling ball.

Which has a greater density a soccer ball or an aplle and why?

An apple has greater density than a soccer ball because an apple is full of fruit and juice, and a soccer ball is full of air.

What object has greater density a balloon or a bowling ball?

There's going to be a greater density in the bowling ball, because its ALOT heavier and isn't hallow like the balloon.

What makes a bowling ball harder to stop than a soccer ball when they are both traveling at the same speed?

The bowling ball is harder to stop because it has a greater mass, and therefore a greater momentum. But the answer is that the bowling ball has a greater mass.

Is the mass of a bowling ball greater than the mass of a soccer ball?

Yes, because a bowling ball is more dense than a soccer ball. A bowling ball is solid all throughout while a soccer ball has its outer layer, but has air inside of it. Hope that this answer helps! :)

What ball has a greater density softball or soccer ball?

A softball is more dense than a soccer ball.

If a bowling ball and a soccer ball are rolling along the ground at the same speed the bowling ball has more of this because its mass is greater?


Why balloon has greater buoyant force than a bowling ball?

Balloons have greater buoyant force as the air inside has lesser density than a bowling ball's material. Density is inversely related to Buoyant force.

What roll down faster soccer ball or bowling ball?

Bowling ball

Would a basketball or a bowling ball have more density?

bowling ball

Why bowling ball is heavier than volleyball?

Greater density. Made of a heavier material, and not hollow.

What has more density a bowling bowl or a box?

A bowling ball.

Does rolling soccer ball needs more force to stop than a rolling bowling ball?

Any amount of force can stop either kind of ball. But a greater force is required to stop a bowling ball than to stop a soccer ball IN THE SAME TIME, because the bowling ball has more mass, and therefore more momentum and more kinetic energy.

Which has more mass soccer ball or bowling ball?


Which will have the greater acceleration rolling down the incline a bowling ball or volleyball?

The bowling ball

Which ball has more momentumgolf ball or tennis ball or soccer ball or bowling ball?


What is the bowling ball and soccer ball thing again on newtons second law of motion?

A bowling ball and a soccer ball, dropped from the same height will hit the ground at exactly the same time.

What are examples of newtons seconed law of motion?

probably a bowling ball and a soccer ball. please be careful with the bowling ball though.

What is bigger a soccer ball or a bowling ball?

It matters. They both have different sizes.peace out

What are uses of friction?

Friction is when you roll a bowling ball down an bowling alley or when you kick a soccer ball. Hope this helped

How do you measure density of bowling ball?

Float the ball in water and calculate the displacement.

When will a solid float in a liquid?

When the solid has a lower density than the liquid, it will float in it. The density is the mass divided by the volume. A bowling ball, while heavy, has a lower density than water, so it will float in water. A pebble, while light, has a higher density than water, so it will sink. In general, the buoyant force is equal to the weight of the displaced fluid (Archimedes Law). This means that the upward force on a bowling ball in water is equal to the weight of the same volume of water. Since a bowling-ball sized amount of water weighs more than a bowling ball, the upward force is greater than the weight of the bowling ball, and the submerged bowling ball will have a net force in the upward direction.