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Michigan state

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Q: Which has a better football team Michigan or Michigan state?
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Who is oldest football team Michigan or Michigan state?

I think it might be Michigan state.

Will Michigan football team beat Ohio state this season in football?


What state are the Lions the pro football team in?


Number of days since Michigan football team beat Ohio state football team?


Is Ohio State better than Michigan at football?

Yes Yes While Michigan is the winningest football school in NCAA history, Ohio State since 1951 has taken over the spot as the nation's most winning team.

Which is a better team in your opinion Ohio State or Michigan?

Although a Michigan fan, in the past years, Ohio State has been better.

What college football team had the most undefeated seasons?

Michigan State Spartans

How many losses did Michigan State's football team have in 2011?

In 2011, the Michigan State Spartans had an 11-3record.

Does any college football team have a winning record against Michigan?

Appalachian State is undefeated against Michigan

Who was the first official Head Coach of the Michigan state football team?

Henry Keep

Who was the quarterback of the 1966 Michigan State University football team?

Jimmy Raye, a junior.

Who is the coach of the University of Michigan football team?

The coach of the University of Michigan football team is a man named Brady Hoke. Brady Hoke has been the coach of the University of Michigan football team for three years.

Who is Michigan states football team?

The Michigan Wolverines.

Mascot of Michigan football team?

Michigan's mascot is the wolverine.

What football team won the Rose Bowl in 1965?

The Jan. 1, 1965 game was won by the '64 Michigan team over Oregon State. The Jan. 1, 1966 game was won by the '65 USC team over Michigan State.

What is alaska's state football team?

there is no Alaskan state football team

What year did Tom Brady try out for the Michigan football team?

He made the Michigan football team all four years at college (1996-1999).

What is Eminem's football team?

Eminem is from Detroit, Michigan. His favorite football team is the Detroit Lions.

Who is the best team in the history of Football?

Michigan is.

Are the Michigan Wolverines a football team?


What football team did Nelly play for?


What is the name of the football team that represents Central Michigan?

Central Michigan University is a public research university. Its football team is named the Chippewas. The Central Michigan University is located in Mount Pleasant.

How can you find the roster for the 1965 national champion Michigan State University football team?

Check the Football Media Guide on It's a start.

What college football teams have lost twice as the number one team in the same college football season?

Ohio state Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines

Collage football team with most wins IN NCAA?

Michigan State spartens the Florida Gators