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On what hand you wear your Baseball glove depends. If you throw with your right hand you need the glove on your left hand. If you throw with your left hand you need a glove on your right or as others call it, a left hand glove.

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Q: Which hand do you wear a batting glove?
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Can a pitcher wear a batting glove or wear a wrist band on his glove hand?


Can a pitcher wear a batting glove?

No. (only on his glove hand. Not on his pitching hand).

What hand do you wear a batting glove?


What hand do you wear batting glove on?

If you wear just one batting glove it is worn on the hand at the bottom of the bat. For right handers it means the glove is worn on the left hand which happens to be the same hand you wear your fielding glove. This can be a great reminder for youth players. The glove hand goes on the bottom and the glove hand goes in the fielding glove.

Is it illegal to wear a batting glove on your throwing hand in the field?


What hand do you wear a baseball glove if you're right handed?

You wear a baseball glove on your right hand if you are right handed. If you're right handed, then you throw with your right hand. Therefore, you wear your glove on your left hand.

When do you wear golf glove on hand?

You take the glove off when putting. Otherwise, it stays on the hand.

Which hand did Freddy Krueger wear his glove?

It was his right hand.

If your left handed what hand should you wear a Baseball glove?

You should wear the glove on your right hand....because you have to throw and bat with ur left hand

What hand should you wear a glove on if you only have one glove?

Whichever hand is not your dominant hand, however unless you are Michael Jackson one glove is not fashionable.

How do you know what size softball glove to get?

Depends on your size of hand. My batting glove is a Medium && i have a 13"-14" glove

How do you spell gluve?

What you wear on a hand to keep it warm is a glove.

Can a softball pitcher wear a glove on her pitching hand?

no, how will she pitch

What brand glove does Alex Rodriguez wear?

Batting gloves: Nike Fielding glove: Rawlings

What hand did Michael Jackson wear a single white glove?

Initially Michael Jackson wore the one glove on his Left hand

Why does Morgan Freeman wear a glove on his hand?

Because he injured his hand and has nerve damage.

If you are right handed which hand should you wear a field hockey glove on?

The hand you wear a glove on is not related to whether you are left or right-handed. If you are wearing the glove for protection, wear it on the left, as this is the hand more prone to injuries; this is why the majority are single and shaped for the left hand. Many people wear a glove on both hands, just to be safe. If they are for grip, you will likewise be best off with wearing them on both; this is why they are sold in pairs.

In Moonstruck why does Nicholas Cage wear a glove?

Because he has a wooden hand.

What hand should you wear a field hockey glove on?

It depends on what kind of glove and why you wear it. If it is a protective glove, most people only wear one on the left hand. If it is a grip glove, you should wear the pair of them. Some like to add another protective glove to the right hand, some like to wear protection on the left and grip on the right and others just don't wear gloves at all. The same goes for goalkeepers, although you would be silly not to wear the 'gloves', as some people call the hand pads. You can also wear undergloves to help with gripping the stick and the pads; again, it is entirely the player's choice.

What hand does Miley Cyrus wear her glove on?

Miley Cyrus generally wears a glove on her right hand while in concert. It is simply a part of the costume.

When do you wear golf glove on hand all the time you play or when you drive the ball?

You generally remove the glove when putting.

What size glove does CC Sabathia wear?

he wears a 15 inch glove on his right hand i am almost positive

Why do golfers only wear one glove?

Unlike baseball, where batting gloves are uses to descrease vibrations from the bat to the hand, golf gloves are for grip and to not get blisters. In golf, the hand on top is the one that wears the glove because it is the control, the bottom hand is just for support. Play 18 holes without a glove and I am sure you will see what I mean!

Hand is to glove as hand is to?


How can you rotate globe without actually touching it with hand?

use someone else's hand, or wear a glove << :)