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Left hand.

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Q: Which hand did Steve young throw with?
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How many interceptions did Steve Young throw during his career?


Was Cy Young a relative of Steve Young?

No, but Brigham Young is related to Steve Young.

What hand does Tom Brady throw with?

He fking throw with a right hand

Who was the only QB to throw 6 touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

Steve Young threw 6 touchdowns in superbowl XXIX (29).

How is Steve Young related to Brigham Young?

Steve Young is a great-great-great-grandson of Brigham Young.

Which hand did Lou Gehrig throw with?

Lou Gehrig used his left hand to throw.

When was Steve Young born?

Steve Young was born on October 11, 1961.

What was Steve Young's jersey number?

Steve Young wore #8 with the 49ers.

What number did Steve young wear at 49ers?

Steve Young wore #8

Did Steve Young go on a mission?

No. Steve Young did not serve a mission for the Church.

Is Steve young alive?

49ers QB Steve young is still alive.

What is Steve Young's birthday?

Steve Young was born on October 11, 1961.

Where did Steve Young go to college?

Steve Young attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Are Steve young and Michael young related?


How do you throw on Panfu?

it is simple if you see a hand and it says throw click on it and select what to throw

What was Steve Young's career QB rating?

Steve Young's career QB Rating was 96.8.

Is steve wilkos allowed to throw punches on the show?

I am thinking that Steve Wilkos is not allowed to throw punches on his show and would be sued by his guests for doing so.

Who has been married to Steve Young?

Barbara Young

Is Steve Young related to Brigham Young?


Who are the parents of Steve young?

Mr and mrs young

Is Steve young a relative of bringham young?


What hand does Peyton Manning throw with?

he throws with the right hand.

What sort of job did Steve Young have?

Steve Young was a popular American football player. He played professional football for the NFL. He was a quarterback for 14 seasons. Steve Young also graduated from Brigham Young University.

Does Steve Cishek throw right or left?

MLB player Steve Cishek throws right.

Does Steve Clevenger throw right or left?

MLB player Steve Clevenger throws right.