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Andre Agassi Grand Slam results Australian Open W(1995, 2000, 2001, 2003) French Open W (1999) Wimbledon W (1992) US Open W (1994, 1999) All of them.

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Q: Which grand slam titles have been won by Andre Agassi?
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What sport is Andre Agassi famous for playing?

Andre Agassi was famous for playing tennis. During his career, he won the Grand Slam eight times and has been said to be the seventh best player of all time. A little known fact about the player is that his famous "mullet" hairstyle was actually a wig.

What is Boris Becker's record vs Andre Agassi?

10 - 4 in agassis favour. However Agassi had purposely lost to michael chang in 1996 australion open who knows it could have been 10 - 5. Its agassi who backed out of the match not becker.

How many Grand Slam titles has Federer won?

He has been awarded 16 Grand Slam Titles.

Which tennis player holds the best and most incredible record of consecutuve Grand Slam titles?

Margaret [nee Smith] Court holds the incredible record in Mixed Doubles titles of winning 12 out of 13 consecutive Grand Slam titles. She won 7 titles in a row. Had she not lost the final of the Wimbledon Mixed doubles title in 1964, she would have achieved 3 consecutive Calendar Grand Slams in Mixed Doubles. Further, she actually won 13 out of 14 Grand Slam tournaments that she entered, having been absent from 3 consecutive tournaments in 1962 after the first of those Grand Slam titles. As history stands, she has achieved one singles Calendar Grand Slam and two mixed doubles Calendar Grand Slams - more Grand Slam achievements than any other player in history.

Which grand slam titles have been won by boris becker?

Becker won six Grand Slam singles events: Australian Open: 1991, 1996 Wimbledon: 1985, 1986, 1989 U.S. Open: 1989

Who was the best tennis player ever?

For males, the answer to this question depends upon a number of factors: If singles alone is to be considered, the most number of Grand Slam titles has been won by Roger Federer. However, Rod Laver is the only man in history to have won the true Calendar Grand Slam twice; further, the prime titles that he won when playing professional tennis have not been accounted for as part of the slam tally. Thus he also lost about six years of his best tennis to the ranks of professional tennis in a day when amateur and professional competitions were separated. On the other hand, if singles and doubles slam titles are treated equally, Roy Emerson has won the most titles of any man in history at 28 in total: he has also won the most doubles Grand Slam titles. Many in fact, consider him to be the greatest doubles player that ever lived. He also held the record for some time of the most singles titles held by a male player. For females, Margaret Court, at a total of 62 titles, undisputably leads the way as the greatest female player in history. She also became the first women's tennis player during the Open tennis era to win the Calendar Grand Slam in singles. She also won the Calendar Grand Slam in Mixed Doubles as well. At 24 singles grand slam singles titles and 38 doubles titles, she stands to claim the crown as both - the greatest ladies' singles player in history and the greatest doubles player. She is the only person to have won all 12 Grand Slam events at least twice - that is, all four major singles titles, all four same-sex doubles titles and all four mixed doubles titles. The International Tennis Hall of Fame states, "There has never been a tennis player to match (her)."

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Probaly Andre Johnson because he has been in the nfl more amount of time.Chris Johnson Is probaly better than Andre Johnson when Andre Johnson was younger.

Is Andre crouch married?

No he is no married, never has been.

What is the correct way to rewrite the sentence Dr Andre has been your dentist for years he is very gentle?

Dr. Andre has been your dentist for years. Is he very very gentle?

How many singles tennis championships have been won by Jennifer Capriati?

Jennifer Capriati is a successful female tennis player. Her greatest wins included three Grand Slam single titles and an Olympic Gold in 1992. She obtained a further ten titles during her career.

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