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Q: Which golfer is the youngest winner of the Masters?
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Youngest golfer to win The Masters?

Tiger Woods, who was 21 years, 3 months, 14 days old when he won in 1997

Who is the youngest winner of the masters golf tournament?

Tiger Woods, was 21 years 104 days when he won it in 1997.

Who was the youngest ever play to win the PGA golf tournament?

Woods was a prodigy who began to play golf at the age of two. ... In 1994, he became the youngest ever winner of the U.S. Amateur Championship .... His 2001 Masters Tournament win marked the only time within the era of the modern .... He became the first golfer to win the PGAChampionship.

How does a golfer get invited to the masters?


Who is the youngest professional golfer?

Michelle Wie

Who was the first African American golfer to play at the masters in Augusta Georgia?

Who was the first African American golfer to play at the Masters in Augusta Georgia?

How much majors did Tiger Woods win at the age of 19?

None, he became the youngest winner of The Masters when he won it in 1997 at the age of 21.

Who is the youngest male pro golfer?

Ty tyron

Can a person golf in the masters?

Up to this point every golfer in the masters has been a person.

Who was the golfer that recenlty won the Masters Tournament?

Bubba Watson just won the 2012 Masters.

What actors and actresses appeared in Golf Masters - 1949?

The cast of Golf Masters - 1949 includes: Ben Hogan as Himself - Golfer Dick Metz as Himself - Golfer Cary Middlecoff as Himself - Golfer Byron Nelson as Himself - Golfer Horton Smith as Himself - Golfer Harry Wismer as Himself, Commentator

Who was the first Jewish Golfer to compete in The Masters?

Moshe Pipek

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