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Byron nelson won 11

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Q: Which golfer has won the most PGA tournaments in a row?
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What golfer set a PGA tour record in 1945 by winning 18 tournaments?

Byron Nelson - 11 in a row!

Which golfer won three US Amateur Tournaments in a row?

Tiger Woods

Most consecutive PGA Tour wins in a row?

Byron Nelson

How many golf tournaments has Tiger Woods won in a row?

The most was three in a row. Wrong it was seven in a row in 2007-2008.

How many consecutive PGA Championships did Walter Hagen win?

4 in a row, from 1924-1927.

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The four most important tennis tournaments of the world are called Grand Slam tournaments. They are: the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Any player who wins these four tournaments in a row is said to have won the Grand Slam.

What is the golf word for 4 birdies in a row?

there isn't a word that you use when a golfer gets 4 birdies in a row. it's called being really good :)

Who won the 2008 PGA tour championship?

Padraig Harrington won the 2008 PGA Championship. He made it 2 majors won in a row after winning the British Open (AKA the Open Championship).

What contributions did Tiger Woods make?

He is a record-breaking American professional golfer. He has been one of the most paid athletes for several years in a row, according to Forbes magazine. He won the 1997 Masters Tournament. He was a top golfer for hundreds of weeks and broke numerous records.

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