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Every single week there is a different Golf course which the PGA Tour plays at. They are usually the same year to year. The Masters is the only major which is played at the same course every year, the other 3 play at courses on their rotations.

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Q: Which golf course plays host to PGA Tour events?
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What golf ball does Fred couples use?

Bridgestone Golf Tour B330 golf ball. He won three Champions Tour events in a row with this ball.

Why was Newport chosen as the host city for the Ryder CUp?

The Ryder Cup is not like the Olympics, a golf course is chosen, not the city. Celtic Manor is a beautiful championship golf course which has held European Tour events, so it was chosen out of the applicants.

Which Las Vegas golf course plays host to PGA Tour events?

Since 1983, the PGA Tour has hosted an event in Las Vegas. The event is always one of the most popular events on the schedule and draws huge crowds. In 2008 and 2009, the TPC at Summerlin has hosted the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open.

Where is the nationwide golf tour going?

The nationwide golf tour is held in locations from Australia, New Zealand, Panama, the United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Colombia. The tour has 32 events.

How do you practice by yourself on world golf tour?

By practicing on the driving range or putting green of a golf course.

What is the order of merit in golf?

The Order of Merit is the European Tour equivilent of the PGA Tour money list. The European Tour players have their winnings from European Tour sanctioned events, including the majors, compiled over the course of the season and whoever has won the most Euros at the end of the year wins the Order of Merit.

What are some golf championships?

The mens' majors- The Masters, US Open, The Open and The USPGA Championship. High profile events such as WGC events and The Players Championship. Mens' PGA Tour events- St Jude Classic, Verizon Heritage and Honda Classic etc. There are also European Tour events, LPGA and Champions tour events.

When was World Golf Tour created?

World Golf Tour was created in 2008.

When did World Golf Tour happen?

World Golf Tour happened in 2008.

When was Japan Golf Tour created?

Japan Golf Tour was created in 1973.

When did World Tour Golf happen?

World Tour Golf happened in 1986.

When was World Tour Golf created?

World Tour Golf was created in 1986.

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