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The one hit the hardest as long as the wind is in it's favor and the direction is straight!

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2009-10-31 13:06:08
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Q: Which golf ball goes further
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What goes further a golf ball with a lot of dimples or a golf ball with fewer dimples?

A golf ball with more dimples goes the furthest because the more dimples the straighteir the accurcy and line up is.

Does a heated golf ball go farther then a cold golf ball?

A warmer golf ball goes further, you cannot warm it up though because that is not allowed under the rules of golf.

What golf ball goes the farthest?

a golf ball goes the farthest

When you hit a golf ball it goes high how do you fix that?

A simple tip for that is move the ball further ball in your stance. If its when you hit your golf ball off a tee, another simple tip is just lower your tee farther into the ground.

Does warm golf ball travel further than cold golf ball?

Yes I think it does.

Which goes farther a new golf ball or an old golf ball?

a new one should

Does a golf ball's bounciness affect how far it will go?

yes i think it does as when you hit a golf ball it doesnt land straight away does it it starts bouncing further and further so you get further.

Which golf ball goes the farthest?


Which golf ball goes furthest?


Does heat effect the distance a golf ball travels?

Yes it does. If it is warmer the ball will go further, also if you are higher up the ball will go further as the air is thinner. When its cold it is better to heat up your golf ball before you play as it will go further.

Does the English golf ball go further?

No, there is no such thing as an English golf ball, it is the exact same as anyone sold anywhere in the world.

Which ball can be thrown farther a golf ball or tennis ball?

A golf ball is heavier and has better aerodynamic qualities, therefore it could be thrown further than a tennis ball, which is too light.

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