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The goalkeeper with the most clean sheets is Edwin Vandersar. with 13 clean sheets for Manchester United.

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Q: Which goalkeeper holds the world record for most clean sheets in a row?
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Which goalkeeper made the most clean sheets?

Petr Cech from Chelsea FC holds the all time record with 21 clean sheets in one season.

Which English team holds the record for most consecutive clean sheets in the Champions League?

Arsenal holds the record.

Which team holds the record for most consecutive clean sheets in the Premier League?

Chelsea...I think its ten....but if Manchester United keep one more...they will equal it.

Which Manchester City keeper holds the records for number of clean sheets in a single season?

Joe hart

Who holds the most clean sheets in the premiership?

In the year it is Petr Cech , but the over all winner is David James.

What Football team does David James play for?

David James.David James now plays for Bristol City after Portsmouth got relegated from the premier league in the 2009/2010 season. He'd previously played for Watford, Liverpool, Aston Villa, West Ham United and Manchester City. He's a goalkeeper who holds the Premier League record for most clean sheets with 173.

Which goal keeper holds the most consecutive clean sheets in la liga?

It coulde be Iker Casillas, for Real Madrid.

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