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Martin Brodeur.

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Q: Which goalie has most wins in NHL history?
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Which nhl goalie has the most shootout wins?

Martin Brodeur-26

What goalie has the most saves in NHL history?

Me muhahahahahaha

Which NHL goalie has the most Stanley Cup wins?

ken dryden.

Which goalie has the most wins in a season nhl?

martin brodour 2003

Which nhl goalie has most playoff wins?

Patrick Roy 151 wins with Montreal and Colorado.

What goalie had the most wins in the 2000-2001 season in the NHL?

Martin Broudeur - 42

The goalie with the most saves in the history of NHL?

Martain Broudor of the NJ Devils

What goalie has the most NHL wins?

As of the 2009-2010 season, Martin Brodeur, of the New Jersey Devils, is the NHL's all-time leader in regular season wins with 587.

What team has the most wins in nhl history?

The Montreal canadiens

Which nhl goalie was quickest to 200 wins?

Ken Dryden of the Montreal Canadiens

Most recent NHL goalie to score?

Patrick Roy scored in 2003 which is the most recent nhl goalie to score in a game and playoff game.

Which goaltender has the most wins in NHL history?

Alex Long sucks balls

Who is the tallest goalie in nhl history?

Ben Bishop of the St.Louis Blues.

Has a goalie ever score in the NHL history?

Yes Martin broudeor

What NHL goalie has the most wins at the start of the season?

Jack Campbell 2021 Toronto Maple Leafs

Can you hit a goalie in the NHL?

You are not allowed to hit a goalie in the NHL. Of you do you will get a 2 minute penalty for goalie interference.

Who is the tallest NHL goalie?

The height of an NHL goalie can be beneficial as the player will cover more of the net. The tallest current NHL goalie is Ben Bishop.

Most fighting majors for a NHL goalie?

Patrick roy

What Goalie has the most playoff shutouts in the NHL?

martin broduer

What NHL goalie has most saves in a shut out?

Andy moog

Who was the shortest goalie in NHL history?

Roy Worters,

Who is the second best goalie in the NHL?

In history- Patrick roy...currently- Carey price

How much does an NHL goalie coach make a season?

a nhl goalie makes anywhere from 450,000.00 to 7.7million. depending on how good of a goalie you are.

In the NHL can body check the goalie?

You are not allowed to check the goalie whatsoever in the NHL. If you do, a goalie interference penalty will be called and your team will be shorthanded.

NHL Goalie with most shut outs in a postseason?

Ryan miller

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