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Q: Which go faster in a slalom skis or snowboards?
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Do snowboards or skis go faster?

snowboards, this is because the surface area of the side-ways snowboarder is smaller, so it catches less air molecules.

What is a compound sentence with the word skis in it?

I went to go get skis and snowboards.

How are skis and snowboards similar?

They both go down on snow, and you stand on them!

Why are longer snowboards faster?

They go faster because they have a longer bottom which means they have a greater contact with the ground. More contact means more friction. This is what makes them go faster than smaller snowboards.

Why are ski's waxed?

skis are waxed to reduce the friction with the snow and therefore if there is less friction then the skis will go faster.

How does ski wax affect the speed of skis?

Wax to make it simple is slippery, this when placed on the skis reduces the friction between the snow and the skis, (yes there is some friction between skis and snow). The less friction, the faster your skis can glide across the snow, and the faster you go.

What are the rules for snowboarding parallel giant slalom?

the rules are you go and jump off a plane and then hijack a snowboard shop steal all of the snowboards and race down a hill

Do you go faster when your skis are on the snow or when you are flying in the air?

that depends. If you are Going down hill then in the air is faster.

How do skis help you go fast downhill?

Yes, skis WILL help you get downhill faster if there is snow. You need to know how steep the hill is to know how fast you will go. If you add some ski wax to the bottom of your skis, you will go extra fast.

What makes skis go faster?

First of all you need sharp skis. without sharp skis you can carve in the snow and you start sliding everywhere. You can test your skis by scraping your finger nail on the edge. if a little part of your nail comes off after sliding down with the slightest pressure you can tell it is sharp. also waxing makes skis go faster and i have heard that rubbing soap on the bases of your skis makes them go super fast, (but it leaves bubble's.) I hope this answers your question!

What skiers use to go faster?

Longer skis Different wax Steeper slope Guts

How does frition work with skiing?

Skis work by melting the snow under them so they go faster.

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