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Men are better than women at some sports and women are better than men at some sports!

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If you take the best men in the world at sports and the best women at sports, men are better. Look at the Olympics. The highscore for men is always higher.

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Females are faster at running and more flexible than most of the male population.

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Q: Which gender is better at sports?
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Are girls better at sports than boys?

Of course not, it all depends on the person, not on the gender.

Girls are not better than boys at sports?

Neither boys nor girls are generically "better at sports" than the other. Each gender has their own sport so because boys and girls sports change with age they become more or less competitive. Neither is better than the other.

How does gender effect performance in physical sports?

It doesn't realy matter about the gender. But men tend to be more stronger than women, so in sports like shotput, men might be a bit better that women. Although Women tend to use their lower body strength, eg running. Some sports, like rounders is more for women, becasue they have a better skill in that sport. the conclusion is that men and women are equally as important in sports but are different in other ways, which makes them better.

Which gender gets more sports coverage?


What is gender equity in sports?

See: Title IX

What is a grip in sports?

a grip in sports is where you get the hang of it and you get better and better

Which gender is better?


What is the law that forbids gender discrimination in sports?

Title 9

What is the name of the law that forbids gender discrimination in sports?


Which is the more dominant gender?

There is no such thing as a better gender. We are all equal!

Are boys sports better than girls sports?

not in all sports. girls are usually better in tennis

Who is awesomer boys or girls?

Well, i cant rly answer that straight foward because there is no definate better gender each gender has its own flaws and things they can do better then the other so technicaly there is no better gender.

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