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Q: Which game is related with duleep trophy?
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Which game is associated with duleep trophy?


Which game is related to holkar trophy?


Which game is related to DCM Trophy?


In which sport Nehru's trophy related with?

Nehru's trophy is related to football game. We have all types of trophies For more information:

What is the game related with santhosh trophy?

Santosh Trophy is an annual Indian football tournamentwhich is contested by states and government institutions.

When was duleep singh born?

Victor Duleep Singh was born in 1866.

What is Duleep Mendis's birthday?

Duleep Mendis was born on August 25, 1952.

When was Victor Duleep Singh born?

Victor Duleep Singh was born in 1866.

When was Frederick Duleep Singh born?

Frederick Duleep Singh was born in 1868.

When did Frederick Duleep Singh die?

Frederick Duleep Singh died in 1920.

When was Sophia Duleep Singh born?

Sophia Duleep Singh was born on 1876-08-08.

When did Sophia Duleep Singh die?

Sophia Duleep Singh died on 1948-08-22.