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These are the field positions in the game of Cricket.

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Q: Which game has the player positions 'silly mid-on''slips' and 'third man'?
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Which sport has the player positions silly mid-on 'slips' and 'third man?

Silly mid on, slips and third man are fielding positions in the sport of cricket.

Which sport has the player positions silly mid on slips and third man?


Which sport has the player positions silly mid-on slips' and third man'?


Which sport has the players positions silly mid on slips and third man?

It's silly slips third man.......^^

What sport has the positions 'silly mid on ' and 'third man'?

field hockey has third man call

Mid slip and silly mid slip and third man is in which sport?

Mid Slip, Silly Mid slip and third man sound like cricket positions you may be confused as there is a mid on or mid wicket and a silly mid on or silly mid wicket but not a silly or mid slip.

Which sport has the player position silly mid on slips third man?


Which sport has the player positions silly mid- on slips and third man?

cricket is the sport which has the following three postions for sielding namely , mid-on, slips, third man these are palced accordingily for the right handers the third man is placed to the left of the keeper on the boundry edge and the mid on is placed on the left side in the 30m inner circle at the edge of the circle

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How many types of fielding positions are there in cricket?

well. you have the wicketkeeper, slip. gully, point, deep point, third man, fine leg, mid off, mid on. long off, long on, midwicket, deep midwicket, silly point, square leg, cover, extra cover, deep cover, short fine leg, short third man, deep backward square. these are all the position on a cricket field.

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What are the positions in cricket?

There are two types of positions when talking about cricket, the most common being fielding positions, however the term is sometimes used when referring to where the players bat in the batting order.Fielding PositionsWicket Keeper (specialist position).Slips (can range from 1st to 5th, sometimes more).Gully (can range from 1st to usually 2nd)Third ManPoint (can be sometimes backward or forward).Cover (can be sometimes cover point, extra cover).Mid OffMid OnMid WicketSquare LegFine LegBat PadIn addition to these specific fielding positions, fielders can be positioned either shorter (closer to the bat), or deeper (further away from the bat). For example, Mid Off can become Deep Mid Off, and Cover can become Short Cover.Some fielding positions which are very close to the bat in front of the wicket have the prefix 'silly'. Examples include Silly Mid Off instead of Mid Off, or Silly Point instead of Point. An exception to this is Square Leg, where the position is called 'Bat Pad', instead of Silly Square Leg.Fielding Positions behind the wicket can be described as either 'squarer' or 'finer'. The squarer the fielding position, the closer it is to being horizontal with the batsman's crease. The finer the fielding position, the closer it is to being perpendicular to the batsmen's crease.See the diagram for a visual description of the fielding positions described.

What positions are there in baseball?

In baseball the fielding positions are pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base, center field, left field, and right field.