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NFL by long shot!

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Q: Which franchise makes more mlb or the NFL?
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Related questions

Who makes more money nfl or MLB?

I think it is the mlb.

What professional sport makes more money The MLB or NFL or NBA?

The NHL makes the most, genius.

What sport in America makes the most money?

The NFL makes the most total revenue for a league. Average NFL franchise is worth $898 million. TV revenue for the NFL=Around $20 Billion. After that its MLB ($376 MILLION AVERAGE FRANCHISE) NBA ($326 Million) NASCAR TV deals around $4.48 Billion, and then NHL pre strike ($163 MILLION)

What pro sport makes the most money mls nba nfl MLB nhl?

MLB player gets more money.

Who has more fans MLB or NFL?

The NFL of course

What is sport city?

a city or metropolitan area with a professional sports franchise. for example, denver would be a sport city because it has a mlb franchise (the Colorado rockies) a nfl franchise (denver broncos) a nhl franchise (Colorado avalanche) and a nba franchise (denver nuggets.

Who revenues more MLB or the NFL?

Though their are more seats for NFL games (usually about 20,000 more) on average, MLB tickets are higher priced so that the MLB tends to average a slightly higher revenue.

How much money does the NFL makes as a sport versus MLB?

Micheal conley

Who makes more money MLB or NFL?

The median salary in the NFL in 2009 is roughly $770,000 The average salary per season paid to Major League Baseball players has topped the $3 million

Who is the youngest franchise in MLB?

Arizona diamondbacks

Does MLB 2001 has franchise mode?

Yes it does.

Which player had jersey number 13?

Wilt Chamberlain (NBA) Alex Rodriguez (MLB) Dave Concepcion (MLB) Dan Marino (NFL) Don Maynard (NFL) Steve Nash (NBA) Kurt Warner (NFL) Edgardo Alfonzo (MLB) Omar Vizquel (MLB) Billy Wagner (MLB) Jeff Fassero (MLB) Roberto Clemente (MLB) Buck Martinez (MLB)

Is their franchise mode in MLB 2k10 Wii?


Is the NFL more popular then the MLB?

Because of MLB's long season, it tends to attract more popularity* Actually it's just the opposite. NFL is more popular. Due in large part to the long drawn out baseball season.

Can you create a franchise with your card team in MLB 2K9?

Yeah, no.

Will there be a mlb 2k13?

Sadly there won't be. They were possibly thinking of making MLB 2k13 but to them it wasn't worth it. MLB franchise has struggled for a couple years now and it's hurt the company bad. Plus MLB the show has way more sales the the MLB 2k series. Ea is in the talks of bringing back MVP baseball so it's not that bad

Do more people watch NFL or Major League Baseball in the US?

NFL is proven to have 2.3 times the ammount of viewers than MLB, in the united states.

What pro sports team would cost you more?

Mlb: Yankees, nfl: colts, fifa: Mexico

What pro teams in NHL NBA nfl and NBA have duplicate mascots?

The Rangers are in the MLB and the NHL (New York and Texas) The Giants are teams in the MLB and NFL The Cardinals are teams in the MLB and NFL

How do you play a franchise with created team in MLB 2k10?

You cant sorry

What is the most profiting job in America?

the adult film industry makes more money per year than the nba, nfl, and mlb combined. that's a lot of money. a new movie is produced every 20 seconds

What state has won the Super Bowl and world series in the same year?

State with Super Bowl and World Series Victories in the same year:2004: Massachussetts - Patriots (NFL) and Red Sox (MLB)1979: Pennsylvania - Steelers (NFL) and Pirates (MLB)1969: New York - Jets (AFL/NFL) and Mets (MLB)1956: New York: Giants (NFL) and Yankees (MLB)1938: New York: Giants (NFL) and Yankees (MLB)1935: Michigan: Lions (NFL) and Tigers (MLB)

Which MLB franchise in best known for choking?

Boston Red Sox in August

Which team has the most wins in MLB history?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the Giants have the most franchise wins with 10,184. The Cubs are second with 9,985 franchise wins.

What division in MLB are the Seattle mariners in?