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Wally Lewis

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Q: Which former rugby league player is nicknamed the king?
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Who is Logan Swann?

Logan Swann is a former New Zealand rugby league player.

The most capped England rugby league player?

Joe Egan is an English former rugby league footballer and coach. He has made the most appearances of any player for the England national team with 21.

Who is Adam muir?

A former Australian rugby league player. Played mostly for Newcastle Knights in the NRL.

Which rugby player is nicknamed beast?

Sebastian Chabal for one.

Which player is known as sunny?

Are you talking about a player of a certain sports called Sunny? If so I believe you may talking about a rugby player called Sonny Bill Williams: Sonny William 'Sonny Bill' Williams (born 3 August 1985) is a New Zealand rugby union player, heavyweight boxer and former rugby league player. He is only the second person to represent New Zealand in rugby union after first playing for the country in rugby league. In rugby union he usually plays as a centre. He is particularly known in rugby league and rugby union for his ability to offload the ball in the tackle and, in rugby league, for his shoulder charges.

Is Australian actor and former professional rugby league player Ian Roberts gay?

Yes, Ian Roberts is gay.

Which rugby player was nicknamed nasty booter by UK press?

naas botha

Who is gordan tallis's aboriginal tribe?

Gorden James Tallis is a former professional rugby league player from Australia. Although named as part of the Indigenous Australian rugby league Team of the Century, some records show that he is not aboriginal.

What is the real name of theenglish international rugby player nicknamed the Mad Dog'?


Yearly pay for rugby league player?

Depends who, and what position he plays. Average rugby league in NRL is : 30,000 Average Super League player in England is: 60,000

Who is the highest paid Australian rugby player?

Highest Rugby League player is Jared Hayne = 500.000

What is a rugby league players salary?

A Rugby Union players gets much more than Rugby League players. Rugby League players get between (in average) 80,000k-120,000k. The highest paid rugby league player earns 500,000k a year.

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