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Q: Which former french tennis player led the team of France to the Davis cup in 1996?
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Is Yannick Noah from France?

Yes. Former professional tennis player Yannick Noah was born in Sedan, France.

Who is the former top-seeded tennis player?

Former top-seeded tennis player was Roger Federer, Now it is Novak Djokovic

The city and country of the French Open tennis championship?

The French open tennis championship is played in Paris, France.

Is Jo Wilfred Tsonga a french player?

Yes, he is a French Tennis Player.

What former tennis player is Steffi Graf married to?

Andre Agassi.

Who is the co host on gmtv former tennis player?

Andrew castle

Is Roland garros a tennis player?

Tennis, it's is one of 4 major tournaments and it is in France

When and where did tennis started?

who- French monks started tennis. when- 11th & 12th century. where- France, 900 years ago.

What was founded by a successful french tennis player?


Who is a famous french tennis player?

Yannick Noah

Are there any french sports?

Tennis originated in France. There is also petanque and croquet.

Tennis player Stan Smith was born on which day?

Stan Smith, the tennis player, was born on December 14th 1946. Stan is a former World number 1 American tennis player who was born in Pasadena, California.