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Kent Kitzmann

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Q: Which former Minnesota running back holds the Big Ten record of 57 rushing attempts in a game?
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Which former Minnesota running back holds the school record with Eighteen rushing touchdowns in one season?

Gary Russell, 2005

Who is Edgerrin James?

Edgerrin James (born August 1, 1978 in Immokalee) is a former American football player who played as a running back for the Indianapolis Colts, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Seattle Seahawks, between 1999 and 2009.He was a four-time Pro Bowler, and as of 2015, is the all-time career leader for the Indianapolis Colts in rushing attempts, rushing yards, and rushing touchdowns.

In 1989 former Indiana running back Anthony Thompson set the Big Ten rushing record with how many rushing yards in one game?

377 yards on 52 carries at Wisconsin

What famous people graduated from OU?

Adrian Peterson, former running-back for Ou. Now plays for the Minnesota vikings

Is chuck forman hall of fame?

No, but Foreman, the former Minnesota Vikings running back, should receiver major consideration someday.

Which former first round draft pick is the Patriots all-time leading rusher?

Sam Cunningham is New England's all-time rushing leader, with 1835 attempts, for 5453 yards in his career. He was drafted in the first round, #11 overall, in 1973

Which former Gopher RB holds the school record with 18 rushing TD's in a season?

Gary Russell

What is nickname associated with Minnesota geographical location think about a former hockey team in Minnesota?

north star state. before Minnesota was known as the Minnesota wild. they were the north stars

Who did Ronald Reagan run against for president in 1984?

Walter Mondale from Minnesota was Reagan's opponent in 1984.His opponent was Walter "Fritz" Mondale from Minnesota and a former VP.

What former Packer did not go on to play for the Minnesota Vikings?

Fran Tarkenton

Candyman was a nickname for which former minnesota timberwolves point guard?

Sthepan Marbury

Which former gopher holds the Minnesota season record in assists with 179?

Arriel McDonald

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