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Must be more than one.

Anelka's played in four: Arsenal, Bolton, Man City, Chelsea.

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Q: Which footballer has played in 3 premiership teams?
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Which footballer has played for 3 premiership teams and scored 2 goals?


What Player who played for 3 of top 4 premiership teams?

Anelka played for Arsenal,Chelsea and Liverpool

Who are the Best 3 teams in the history of the premiership?

Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal are the best 3 teams in the history of the Premiership. These teams combine for 18 of the last 19 championships.

What THREE players played for 3 of the premiership big 4 teams lpool utd chels and arsnl?

Anelka, Benayoun

How many premiership teams are relegated each year?

3 teams relegated each season.

The player who played for 3 premiership teams and only 2 goals?

Peter Schmeichel - Scored for both Man Utd and Aston Villa.

Can you name 3 managers who have managed four premiership teams?

Jog onnnnnnnnn

What three players from Liverpool have played in premiership winning teams?

I can only think of Rooney. I know 3 ex Liverpool players who have won the premiership though, Paul Ince with Man Utd, Nicholas Anelka with Arsenal and Kenny Dalglish when he was Blackburn Rovers manager.

What is the average wage for a cricket player in England?

county cricket player (uncapped) 12k average premiership footballer 1 million top cricket player in England 120k top premiership footballer 3 million see the difference

Which teams have won the premiership over the last 20 years?

Since the Premiership has been formed in the 1992/3 season, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Blackburn Rovers have won it.

How many teams are there in the premier league 2009?

20 for 2009-2010 season, the same as 2008-9. Because of the promotion and relegation of 3 teams, 23 teams will have played in the premiership during 2009, but only 20 at any one time. Newcastle, Middlesboro and WBA have been replaced by Burnley Wolves and Birmingham City.

Name all 3 teams promoted to footballs premiership for this current seasons?

Newcastle United, West Bromwich Albion and Blackpool.

Which football players have played for 6 or more premiership teams?

can give u 3 les ferdinand andy cole craig bellamy we think brian dean maybe not sure tho David James Dwight Yorke

Which footballer has won the league the last 7 years for 4 different teams in 3 different countries?

Charmel iqelisias

Name all 3 teams promoted to footballs premiership for this current seasons 2008 09?

stoke city,west brom and hull city.

Who managed the 3 national league teams he played for?

Who played for?

What player has played in the premiership division 1 2 3 conference champions league world cup uefa cup and is still playing in the premiership today?

Steve Finnan

Who is Janoi Donacien?

Janoi Donacien (born November 3, 1993) is a St. Lucian footballer who, as of March 2014, plays for Aston Villa as a defender. Donacien has played extensively for the Aston Villa youth and reserve teams.

Current premiership player who has played for 3 different clubs and scored against Manchester united?

Danny Murphy

Who played 3 Super Bowls with 3 different teams?

Joe Jerevicious

Which England international having played for 3 premiership clubs has never been subject to a transfer fee?

Sol Campbell

Which 3 players have played for 4 London premiership clubs?

Konchesky Parker Zamora

How many teams has Carlos beltran played for?

Carlos Beltran has played for 3 teams, the Kansas City Royals, the Houston Astros, and the New York Mets.

What foreign footballer played for 3 English clubs and only scored 1 goal?

Peter Schmeichal

Which player has played for 3 football teams twice?

Frank Mcavennie