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The costliest footballer in history, is Christiano Ronaldo , who was transfered for 80 million pounds.

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Q: Which footballer has cost most in transfers?
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Which English footballer has had the most transfers?

john terry

Who is the most famous girl footballer?

The most famous lady footballer is the American footballer Mia Haam.

How much is a footballer?

a footballer cost £1.50 with a side oorder of fries... yummy...

Which soccer player has cost most in overall transfers?

Zinedine Zidane: Juventus to Real Madrid - £45.62m (2001)

Who is The most expensive sportsman of all time?

Chrstiano Ronaldo, Portugese footballer, cost Real Madrid £80million from Manchester United

How much does it cost to do a cash transfer with Wells Fargo in Texas?

Most cash transfers charge 1% of the funds or $25.00, whichever is more.

Who burns the most calories a footballer or an ice hockey player?

a Footballer.

How much did Anderson the footballer cost?

35 milllion

Who is the most popular footballer in 2006?

The best footballer in 2006 was Christiano Ronaldo.

How much does it cost to transfer plates in Wisconsin?

it cost about 170 in wisconsin for tite and plate transfers.

Players With The Most Goals?

The most goals scored by a footballer is 10000 and by Tanishq Malhotra . (he just the best footballer i the world )

What french footballer has scored most premiership goals?

The french footballer to score the most E.P.L goals is Theirry Henry.

Soccer player with the most transfers?

Sebastian Washington Abreu, also known as el loca Abreu, is the player with the most transfers

Who is the worlds most expensive footballer?

The most expensive footballer is Christiano Ronaldo , he was brought by Real Madrid for 80 million pounds.

Who is currently the best footballer in the world?

The best footballer currently in the world is Lionel Messi, he is one of the youngest and most fantastic footballer of all time.

The most richest footballer in africa?

The richest African footballer is the Cameroon striker Samuel Etoo.

Who is the most expansive footballer?

The one who has the most money

Who was the first footballer to cost 2 million pounds?

luthar blisset

Who is the most skillfull footballer ever?

The skiffullist footballer is a hard to answer but it has to be the Argentinian mini superstar Diego Maradona.

Which is the most popular footballer?


Do most online banks offer balance transfers for free?

Most online banks do not offer balance transfers. It is best to get a credit card that offers this feature.

What are the most heartbreaking football transfers?

Go to my blog and you 'll be able to see transfers that made history

Who is the most famous soccer player from Chile?

Ivan Zamara is is most famous footballer from Chile. the Chilean footballer who played for Seville, Real Madrid and InterMilan

Who is the most famous football-soccer player of all time?

The Brazilian footballer Pele is the most famous footballer. He is the only player to win three world cups.

Which footballer got most awards?