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Jean Pierre Papin from Marseilles to AC Milan in 1992.

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Q: Which footballer had the first ten million pounds transfer fee?
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Who was the first English footballer to earn a million pounds?

Trevor Francis

Who was the first footballer to cost 2 million pounds?

luthar blisset

Who was the first 10 million pound transfer in world football?

who was the first 3million footballer in English league

Who was the first 10 million pounds footballer?

Gigi Lentini 13m first 10m+ player

Which black footballer was the first to be transferred for 1 million pounds?

It was evertons Kevin cambell.

Who is the first highest paid African footballer in the world and how much?

The highest paid African footballer is the Cameroon striker Samuel Etoo, he gets paid about 13 million pounds a year.

Who was the first football player to cost 1 million pounds?

The first million pound football transfer was Trevor Francis, from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest.

Who was the first footballer transferred between English clubs for a million pounds?

trevor francis. Signed by Brian Clough for Notts Forest

Who was first 2 million pound footballer in the world?

You must be under averge. Nobody has every weighed 2 millon pounds

Was Trevor Francis the first player to have a 1 million pounds transfer in football history?

He was the first £1million player in England.

Who was the first british footballer to cost 2 million pounds between clubs?

I believe it was Paul Gascoigne, who went from Newcastle to Tottenham in 1988.

Who was the first 10 million footballer?

Ali Ashfaq

Who was the first 2 million pound player?

The first player sold for 2 million pounds, was the Dutch footballer Johan Cruiff from Ajax to Barcelona in Spain. Johan Cruyff was tranferred from Ajax to Barcelona in 1973 for six million dutch guilder which at the time worked out at approxmately US$2 million or £922,000. Mark Hughes was sold to Barcelona for £2 million in 1986. But before Hughes transfer Diego Maradona left Boca Juniors for Barcelona in 1982 for £3million and then from Barcelona to Napoli in 1984 for £5 million. The first £2 million pound transfer between English clubs was Paul Gascoigne from Newcastle to Spurs

Who wasThe first million pound foreign footballer?

Your mother

First ten million pound footballer?


Who was First million pound footballer in the world?

Trevor Francis

Who was the first million pound transfered footballer?

Trevor Francis was recognised as the first £1,000,000 player but the actual fee of the transfer was £999,999. Actually £1 short of the million pound mark. But Francis is still known as the 1 million pound playerTrevor francis. Birmingham to Nottingham forest 1 Million

Who was the first goalie to get 1 million pounds for England?

The first million pounds paid for a goalkeeper is Nigel Martins , who played for Leeds and Everton, He is also the first goalkeeper sold for two million pounds.

Who was Great Britains first million pound footballer?

Trevor Francis

Who was Britain's first two million pounds footballer?

Trevor Francis more information, I do not think Trevor Francis was involved in a single move for two million pounds. One million, yes and for more than two million throughout his career, yes, but not in one move. I think the answer is Mark Hughes (Manchester United to Barcelona) for any British player and then Andrew Cole (Newcastle United to Manchester United) for a move between two British clubs It was Paul Gascoigne Mark Hughes was sold for 2 million pounds in summer 1986, two years before Gascoigne was sold for 2.3 million, becoming the first British transfer for more than £2 million.

Who was the first association football player to earn a million pounds?

Trevor Francis - was first 1 million pound transfer in 1978.. Not So!! Giuseppe Savoldi had been the world's first £1m player when he moved from Bologna to Napoli for £1.2m in 1975

Who was britain's first million pound footballer?

Trevor Francis was the first to be transferred for £1m from Birmingham to Norwich

Who was Manchester United first million pound footballer?

Bryan Robson, October 1981. British transfer record of £1.5m which wasn't broken until summer 1987 when Liverpool paid £1.9m for Peter Beardsley.

Who was the first half million pound footballer?

David Mills (born 6 December 1951, Whitby) was an English football player most ... record and making Mills Britain's first half million pound footballer.

Who was the first Australian footballer to make a million dollars a year?

I am believing it was Gary Ablett Jnr.

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