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Highest salary is Cristiano Ronaldo, but highest earner is David Beckham.

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2010-10-06 15:23:50
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Q: Which footballer earns highest salary
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2009 highest paid footballer?

zalton ibra....the ibrakadabra earns 12m as anual salary

Which footballer is the richest?

Firstly Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer with a salary of £11 million a year. Next ist is David Beckam who earns anout $40 a minute

Who earns the highest salary in world?

bill gates

Who earns the highest salary in US?

Bill Gates

Who is the highest earning footballer in the world?

messi is the highest earning salary in football

Who is the current highest earner footballer in the world?

Cristiano Ronaldo earns more than Lionel Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo earns 42.5 million dollars Lionel Messi earns 19 million dollars

Highest salary in soccer?

The highest salary in soccer goes to professional soccer played Cristiano Ronaldo. He earns approximately $73 million per year, plus endorsements.

Who is highest paid footballer in the premiership?

It is John terry with a weekly salary of 150,000 pounds a week.

Who is the highest weekly paid footballer?

In the E.P.L it is John Terry with a weekly salary of 150,000 pounds.

The highest weekly paid African football player in Europe for 2009-2010?

which African footballer takes the highest salary in Europe

Who is the richest footbollplayer in Ghana?

Asamoah Gyan is the richest footballer in Ghana. He earns a salary of 6. 72 million pounds that puts him ahead of Michael Essein.

What is Wayne Rooneys new salary?

This is the highest salary of a footballer ever played , it is now agreed between Manchester United and Rooney to make the new salary 250,000 pounds a week.

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