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I believe it was the 1973/74 season. Man United, Norwich & Southampton were the 3 teams

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Chelsea then Liverpool then wolves with them

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Q: Which football teams were the first to get relegated?
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What teams have never been relegated in there history in world football?

There are only two teams in football , Inter Milan in Italy and arsenal in England. Panathinaikos,Olympiakos and PAOK in Greece Have never been relegated too

How many football teams are there in the Premiership?

20 teams in the premiership.Twenty. Three are relegated each season, and replaced by three from the Football League Championship.

How many d2 football teams?

D2 Football is Division 2 championship. They usually create a second division for when they very many teams. Usually teams are put into the second division because they were relegated or promoted. An example of this is the NPower Championship, where the bottom 3 teams are relegated from the Premier League and put into the second division. Cheers

How many teams are relegated in youth football?

Three teams go down to the Championship at the end of each season, two teams Automatically get promoted and the teams that finish third, Forth fifth and sixth play off for the third promotion place

Which 6 teams have never been promoted or relegated in English football in the last 30 years?

ArsenalManchester erunitedChelsea

What was the year that Sunderland were first relegated from the top flight of English football?


Is aberdeen football club rubbish?

yes There is no right or wrong answer to this question, everybody has their own opinion on which football teams they like and which they don't. A football team may be relegated down a league at some point but every football team tries as hard as they can.

Is nowrich city football teem cool?

First, they were one of the teams that used to get relegated the most along with Birmingham city. Now in the new season (2011-12) they are in the premier league so my answer would be yes and no. Yes because they worked hard to reach the premier league and no because they got relegated a lot.

How do MLS teams get Relegated and Promoted?

there so good

When were teams used in football?

Football started out without teams when it was first created in 1870. Teams were used 20 years later in 1890.

How many teams are relegated in the Barclay's premier league?


When does a club get relegated?

A football club gets relegated when they end the season the last three go down.