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Burnley and Wolves

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Wolves Burnley Sheffield United Portsmouth

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Q: Which football teams have won all four English leagues?
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Where is highest football ground above sea level in the top four English football leagues?

The Hawthorns home to West Bromwich Albion

How many English league football teams start with the letter C?

Counting just the top four leagues, the following teams which play in the English football league system beginning with C are the following:Cardiff City (FLC)Charlton Athletic (FLC)Crystal Palace (FLC)Carlisle United (FL1)Colchester United (FL1)Coventry City (FL1)Crawley Town (FL1)Crewe Alexandra (FL1)Cheltenham Town (FL2)Chesterfield (FL2)

How many players have played in all top four English leagues?

Alan Cork and Dave Beasant both played for Wimbledon FC in all four divisions of the Football League pre the formation of the Premiership.

Which player has scored a hatrick in all four English leagues and international?

Robert Earnshaw

How many football teams are there in the national football league?

The league currently consists of 32 teams from American cities and regions, divided evenly into two conferences - the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) - of four four-team divisions.

Who is the only soccer player to captain the same team in all four english leagues?

richard naylor

Is Wales national football team different from England national team?

The three Great Britain countries have their own teams. The England, Wales, and Scotland football teams are all different. Most players from all teams play club football in England but all have separate national teams. --As does Northern Ireland (ie the four UK countries have their own football teams). The English football league is the dominant league system, followed by Scotland's SPL. Wales focuses more on Rugby, and their best teams play in the English league (currently Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham) as the Welsh league is not strong enough for them. Northern Ireland has its own league, but the best Northern Irish players usually play in the English or Scottish league, or outside fo the British Isles (though none of its teams play in England).

How many teams play in each division of the American footaball conference and the national football conference?

Four teams per division

What football teams have never been to a superbowl?

Four teams: The Cleveland Browns, the Detroit Lions, the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What teams have won the English title?

The only four teams have won the English Premier League; Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Blackburn Rovers

Which player has scored a hatrick in all four English leagues the fa cup and the league cup?

Robbie Earnshaw

What English teams have qualified for the champions league?

The top four teams Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

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