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Liverpool. 1978 - Hitachi

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Q: Which football team was the first to wear sponsors on their shirts?
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Who sponsors the Tyrone football team?

The Tyrone team is currently sponsored by Rocwell.

Who was the first football team to win the fa cup wearing striped shirts?

Coventry City 1987

Colour of the french national football team shirts?


What colour is on football team colombia's t-shirts?


Does ursuline college have a football team?

No despite what the shirts say

What shirts will England football team wear at world cup 2010?

England usually play in white shirts and black shorts as first choice, but their second color is red shirts and shorts as well.

Who are England's football team sponsors?

On the front of their jerseys is a nationwide insurance logo, they have umbro jerseys.

How many red shirts does a college football team have per year?


Who is the first football team?

sheffield fc were the first football team

Where can someone find cheap football shirts for a school team?

Cheap football shirts for a football team have to be consistent in color and style. To get enough in the one style and color and at a low price you would need to get them from a discounter such as WalMart or Seers or a discount fashion outlet stocking sports apparel.

Which football team was sponsored by finnforest and played in amber or gold shirts and shorts?

Boston United

What is JMU Liverpool Gaelic Football team colours?

They wear blue shirts with a yellow collar and white shirts. See the photo at the link below.