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There are two teams that play in the state of Ohio. These two teams are The Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals. These two teams are very popular in the nfl.

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Q: Which football team plays in Ohio?
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What is the name for the football team that plays in Ohio?

The name for the Ohio football team is the Ohio Buckeyes.

What football team plays their home games in cities located in Ohio?

Ohio's team

What football team plays their home game in Ohio?

Name a city that has to large states? Ohio

City of the Ohio state buckeyes stadium in?

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team plays in Ohio Stadium located in Columbus, Ohio.

What NFL team does Josh Houston play for?

He plays college football, and he plays for Ohio State. None, he went undrafted and is a free agent

Number of days since Michigan football team beat Ohio state football team?


What is the worst college football team in Ohio?

Ohio univ.

What has the author Jeff Snook written?

Jeff Snook has written: 'A Buckeye season' -- subject(s): Football, Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Ohio State University 'Year of the Gator' -- subject(s): Florida Gators (Football team), Football, History, University of Florida 'What it means to be a Buckeye' -- subject(s): Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Football, Ohio State University, History 'Then Tress Said to Troy' -- subject(s): Football, History, Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Ohio State University

Which football team plays at stamford bridge?

The Chelsea Football Team!!!

What college football division does mount union college play in?

Mount Union is a Division 3 team that plays in the Ohio Athletic Conference.

Ohio state football?


Will Michigan football team beat Ohio state this season in football?


What college football team is known as the buckeyes?

that would be the football team belonging to the Ohio State University

What is Ohios football team called?

Ohio state buckeyes or Ohio bobcats

What is the Ohio State University football team's nickname?

They are the Ohio State Buckeyes.

What team does Ted Ginn Jr play for in American football?

Ted Ginn Jr. plays for the American football team the Panthers. Ted Ginn Jr. previously played for the 49s and the Dolphins. In college football, Ted Ginn Jr. played for The Ohio State University.

Who plays better in the rain a running football team or a passing football team?

passing team has the advantage

Why do Ohio state football team wear buckeyes on their helmet?

Ohio is the buckeye state. the '"stars" are actually called buckeye leaves, and a player gets one for key plays or flawless play and everyone on the team gets one for a win, even if they suck

Who has the best football team in Ohio?

Toledo Rockets

What pro football team is in Ohio?

clevend browns

What football team is home to Ohio?

Chicago bears

Which football team plays home games in Ohio?

Professional Teams (NFL): Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns other than that, there are many College level teams, such as the Ohio State Buckeyes

What football team does neymar play for?

when neymar plays international, he plays for Brazil.In 2013, he switched to the football team Barcelona to play with messi

Did the Ohio State Buckeyes ever play the Cincinnati Bengals?

The Cincinnati Bengals are a National Football League (NFL) football team. The Ohio State Buckeyes are a National College athletic association (NCAA) Football team. In other words, the Ohio State buckeyes are not apart of the NFL, and is a college football team, they haven't played, and are ineligible to play any NFL team.

Does a team have three tries to make a first down in football?

In the Canadian Football League, a team has three plays to make a first down. In the National Football League, a team has four plays to make a first down.