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the hull city footall club!

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Hull city FC and hull Rugby club

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Q: Which football team played at the Kc stadium?
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What football team play at the KC stadium?

Hull City!

Which football team played at KC stadium?

If "KC" means "Kansas City", it's actually Arrowhead Stadium, and the team that plays there is the Kansas City Chiefs. If "football" means "soccer", the Kansas City team was known as the Wizards until they changed their name in 2011 to "Sporting Kansas City". They've also recently began construction on their own facility called Livestrong Park. They stopped playing in Arrowhead in 2008, and have been playing at CommunityAmerica Ballpark, home of the KC T-Bones (an American Association of Independent Professional Baseball team... the KC major league baseball team is the Royals, who play in Kauffman Stadium right next to Arrowhead).

Where do hull city play football?

At the Kingston Communications (KC) Stadium

Who was the quarterback for the 1983 Penn State football team?

Todd Blackledge who later played for the KC Chiefs.

What is kendall schmidt's favorite football team?

The KC Chiefs. (:

Who is the tenant of KC Stadium?

Hull City A.F.C. and Hull City are the tenants of KC Stadium.

Can you take food and drink into kc stadium hull?

Can you take food and drinks into the kc stadium

What is the name of Hull City AFC's stadium?

The KC Stadium

What year wasthe kc stadium in hull open?

The KC stadium the homeground of Hull City was opened in the early 1990s.

What conference do the KC chiefs play in?

The Kansas City (KC) Chiefs play in the West division of the American Football Conference (AFC). Their ground is named "Arrowhead Stadium" and in located in Kansas City, Missouri.

What is Kendall Schmidt's Favorite sport?

Kendalls favorite sport is football and his favorite team is KC Chiefs

How many people does the kc stadium hold?

30 thousand