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Q: Which football team is located the farthest North?
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Which NFL team is located farthest north?

The Seattle Seahawks.

What NFL football team is farthest north in the US?

The Seattle Seahawks with the Vikinks in second

Which football team is located the farthest south?

Miami Dolphins Man! and you suck too!

What is North Dakota's NFL football team?

There is no NFL football team located in North Dakota.When they don't have a "local" team to root for, NFL fans usually follow whatever team is closest. Geographically, the NFL team closest to North Dakota is the Minnesota Vikings.

Which NBA team is located farthest north?

Portland Trail Blazers 2) Minnesota Timberwolves 3) Toronto Raptors

Which nfl team is located farthest south?

Miami Dolphins

What major league baseball team is farthest north?

The Seattle Mariners.

Who is the last college football team to beat a pro football team?

North Texas!

What does Emily Watson support?

The English football team Emily Watson supports is Arsenal. The Arsenal F.C Football Club is located in North of London.

Where is Bury Town FC located?

Bury town FC are a football team that play Non league football. The club is located in the North West of the United Kingdom near the city of Manchester.

Where is the Pittsburgh Steelers football team located?

The Pittsburgh Steelers football team is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Where is the Corinthians football team located?

The Corinthians football team is located in Brazilia. The club was founded 1910 by five railworkers, members of a football club. They got their first double in 1999.

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