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Q: Which football team is furthest east?
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Which football team is the furthest west?

Plymouth Argyle's Home Park is the furthest west in the football league. It is also the furthest south.

Which scottish football team is furthest north?

Elgin city

Which english football league team is furthest north?


Where does the East Carolina football team play?

The East Carolina football team, nicknamed "The Pirates", is the college football team for East Carolina University. The team's home games are played at the Dowdy-Fiklen Stadium, which is just south of the main campus.

Which city is furthest east Bristol or Aberdeen?

Aberdeen is furthest East.

The county that is furthest east in England?

The county that is furthest east in England is Suffolk.

Which EU country is the furthest east?

Cyprus is the EU country that is furthest east.

Which province of Canada's extends furthest east?

The province that extends the furthest east is Newfoundland and Labrador

Is sunderland a good football team?

No sunderland are a rubbish football team. But if you live in the north east Newcastle are a much better football team than sunderland and so are middlesbrough

Is France or Germany furthest east?


What are the counties that reach furthest east in britain?

Norfolk and Suffolk counties are the furthest east of the British counties.

Which football team plays at East End Park in Scotland?

Dunfermline Athletic Football Club

Which in city is furthest east in Pakistan?


What are the patriots?

The Patriots are a professional football team who play in the AFC East division of the National Football League.

Where are first farington cubs football team in the East Lancs cubs football leaguetable?

1st why wouldn't they be

What is the national sport of east temor?

they have a afe which is a soccer (football) team

Which college football team has the highest average attendance?

East Carolina

What state is furthest east?


Where is Maine in US?

Furthest east

What would get pushed furthest a football or a javelin by wind?

Football thrown in a spiral

Which English football team in furthest north?

This could be a trick question. The most northerly football club in England would be Berwick Rangers, but they play in the Scottish leagues - that's how far north they are.

Which English football clubs are furthest North south East and West?

plymouth berwick norwich plymouth

Which of the Great Lakes is furthest East?


Which Capital city is furthest East?


Which unnamed city is furthest east?