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The most dangerous hooligans in the EPL fluxuate usually every decade, but some notorious hooligan firms have always had a reputation for being the 'most dangerous' or violent.

The 1970's brought amongst the creation of real football firms or gangs. The most renowned during the 1970's were that of London and midland clubs including:

Millwall - The Bushwackers and The Treatment

West Ham United - The Inter City Firm (ICF)

Aston Villa - The Steamers and the C-Crew

Chelsea - Headhunters

The 1980's brought amongst contenders for the abover including:

Leeds United - Service Crew

Birmingham City - Zulu Army

Stoke City - Naughty Forty

Cardiff City - Soul Crew

Manchester United - Inter City Jibbers and The Cockney Reds

All these firms mentioned in the 1970's and 1980's were and most of them are still hardcore football hooligan firms today in 2007. During the 1990's many 'less violent' or 'less reputable' firms became bigger and essentially more violent and notorious, these are:

Arsenal - The Gooners and The herd

Tottenham Hotspur - Yid Army

Portsmouth - Skull Squad

Burnley - Suicide Squad

Liverpool - The Urchins

Aston Villa - Villa Hardcore

Stoke City - Under 5's

Newcastle United - Toon Army

I am not going to deny that i have missed out many other violent and notorious firms in the EPL and lower divisions but through media attention and reputation all the clubs abover stick out like a sore thumb.

Back to the question "Which EPL team has the most dangerous hooligans?"

'Millwall' renowndly are the most dangerous football hooligan firm in the entire football league, but are not in the English premiership, nor is Cardiff City and Stoke City and many other teams with 'top firms'. The most dangerous in the Premiership many will say are 'Chelsea' or 'Birmingham City' and quite frankly i would be agreeing along those lines. Alot of it is down to the size of a particular firm as Manchester United have huge numbers of fans, and where there is fans, there are hooligans.

My opinion in the EPL:


My opinion in the whole of the football league including EPL:


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Try to watch The Real Football Factories: International + The Real Football Factories (only in England) with Danny dyer. It gives an overlook of the different firms around the world. Then you can make your own decision.

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Defiantly MILLWALL, there flaming hooligan's, coming to Luton and smashing up all are seats, what idiots, so there defiantly the worst but closely followed by Watfrod because there really bad loser's.

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not in any order: Besiktas Fernebache Galatsaray Liverpool AS Roma Juventus Inter Milan Red Star Belgrad Boca Juniors PAOK Olympiacos Gremio Corinthians Zenit Odense Boldklub Brøndby IF

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Milwall , Cardiff City , Swansea City ,Witham Town Football Club and TOTTENHAm

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Q: Which football team has the worst hooligans?
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