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Q: Which football team does sam torrance support?
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In what year did Sam Torrance captain Europe's ryder cup team?

He captained the team in 2002.

When was Sam Torrance born?

Sam Torrance was born on August 24, 1953, in Largs, Scotland, UK.

Where did they film the Sam Elliot movie Lifeguard?

Lifeguard (1976) was filmed at Torrance Beach at Burnout, Torrance, California, USA.

What team does Sam McGuffie play college football for?

He played for the University of Michigan

Who stayed at Biggar Sam Torrance or Tony Jacklin?

Tony Jacklin

Who captained the dublin football team when they won the Sam maguire in 1995?

John O'Leary.

Who was the captain for the Dublin football team when they won the Sam Maguire in 1995?

John O'Leary.

Who took their NFL football team to a 0-16 record?

Sam Bradfart of the oklahomo sooners.What Cody shelton

When was Sam Perrin - football player - born?

Sam Perrin - football player - was born on 1989-04-02.

When was Sam Rayburn - American football - born?

Sam Rayburn - American football - was born on 1980-10-20.

When was Sam Young - American football - born?

Sam Young - American football - was born on 1987-06-24.

When was Sam Simmons - American football - born?

Sam Simmons - American football - was born on 1979-11-25.