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The teams that don't ear an away kit are........ i actually don't know:> :O :P

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every single football team in the world has an away shirt.

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Q: Which football team does not have tou wear an away shirt?
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What football team wear unicef logo football shirt?

Barcelona Football Club In The La Liga.

What is a football jumper called?

A football jumper is a t shirt which football players wear to identify which team they are on usually they are numbered.

Who wears the number 11 shirt in the wales football team?

Ryan Giggs Ryan Gigs does not wear that shirt anymore for Wales - he is retired from international football.

What things do you need for soccer?

Sometimes you can just wear a short with a shirt and play a normal football [soccer] match. I think you should not wear trousers for matches because it could get durty. But if you are playing a match in a football team wear a football [soccer] shirt,long socks,shimpads,football[soccer] shoes and shorts.

What kind of fan might wear an Arsenal shirt?

An Arsenal shirt would generally be worn by a fan of the football team Arsenal. Arsenal is a London based football team. They would generally be more passionate than most.

Could the new England Home Football Shirt be got away with as a Shirt for School?

No I don't think so if you are going to wear it without a jumper but if you wear a jumper then maybe if you don't draw attention to yourself

What is the top you wear in Australian football?

They wear a non-sleeved shirt.

How many strikers are in a football team?

Up to 10. Maybe 11 if you think a striker could feasibly wear a funny shirt.

Who are the lily whites in Ireland?

The lily whites are the Kildare Gaelic Football team. This is because they wear a completely white shirt and shorts when playing.

What would happen if two football teams had the same colour kit?

A football club usually has two or three kits. The team that is playing at home will get to wear their home kit, and the away team wears their away kit, unless the two are similar, in which case the away team would wear their home kit or alternate kit. If both teams are playing away, one club will still have been designated as the home team and they get to wear their home kit.

What colour does the England football team wear?

White when they are playing a home game and red on a away game.

What does the Netherlands soccer team wear?

Traditionally the national squad wear bright orange, with white shorts and socks. The away kit is usually a white shirt with orange trim.