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Q: Which football team did Wayne Rooney leave to join man united?
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Is Rooney moving from man you?

yes wayne rooney is leaving manchester united in the season 2012 for a 50million pound deal to leave to aresnal

What year did Wayne Rooney leave everton?


If Wayne Rooney were to leave Manchester United what would the cost be?

The clubs would negotiate a price but it is likely to be several millions.

Is it likely that Rooney will leave Man United?

rooney might leave man united to switch to man city

Is Rooney ready for transfer?

May be! Manchester utd signed 5 year for Rooney! But he wants to leave Manchester united.

Is Wayne Rooney Leaving Man Utd?

No it is not true, real Madrid did show intrest, but he does not want to leave England.

When did Wayne Rooney leave everton?

Wayne Rooney left Everton for Manchester United in the summer transfer market of 2004 for a reported fee of 25.6 million pounds, beating Newcastle's reported 20 million pound bid. This was also the highest ever sum payed for a player under 20 as he was 18 years old at the time.

Why did Wayne Rooney leave Everton?

Wayne left Everton to further his football career. He is a brilliant footballer and the talent was thought to be wasted at Everton. He is now a world class internation footballer with 2 Premier League Winners Medals, 1 Champions League winners medal and a Carling Cup Winners Medal. And because he look like shrek .

When is wanye Rooney leaving Manchester United?

yes he wants to leave man u and Ferguson said if he wants to go he can go

Is Wayne Rooney staying in man you?

Hard to say, but he is highly likely to stay at United for another season. It all depends what happens at the World Cup. It was around this time last year Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Madrid, everyone knew he would go eventually, but it still came out of the blue when he did leave.

Which scottish football club did sir alex Ferguson leave to go manage Manchester united?


When did Martin O'Neill leave Manchester United?

During his 14-year professional football career, Martin O'Neill never played for Manchester United.

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