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Newcastle united in the EPL my naive friend

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Q: Which football team did Andy Carroll play for before Liverpool?
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When did Andy Carroll join Liverpool?

Andy Carroll joined Liverpool on January 31, 2011.

Who is 9 for Liverpool?

Liverpool's current number 9 is Andy Carroll and before him was Fernando Torres

Does Andy Carroll smoke?

Yes.He smokes 67 cigarettes a fortnight. Liverpool Football Club(Not to scale)

How much did Andy Carroll cost to move to Liverpool?

Andy Carroll costed £35 million when Liverpool bought him from Newcastle United.

What was the transfer fee paid by Liverpool for Andy Carroll?

The transfer fee paid by Liverpool for Andy Carroll was £35 million. As Liverpool is wanting Andy Carroll back, their current valuation for him is £18 million.

Who does Andy Carroll play for?

Andy carrol plays for the best team ever Liverpool fc.

What players who played for Liverpool had long hair?

Andy Carroll , Garcia , Sotoris Kyrgiakos

How many goals has Andy Carroll scored for west ham against Liverpool?


Who is Liverpool's 2nd choice penalty taker right now?

Andy Carroll or Luis Suarez

How old is Andy Carrol the football player?

I think you mean Andy Carroll, he was born January 6, 1989.

What is the record transfer fee for an English player?

Andy Carroll to Liverpool from Newcastle united, £35 million pounds

Where does Andy Carroll?

At the moment he is a Liverpool soccer player on loan to West Ham United (a London based team).