Which football team Cristano ronaldo

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Which football team Cristano ronaldo
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Why did Cristano Ronaldo move to the Spanish football team?

He moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, as the spanish club paid a record amount for him that was 80 million pounds.

Is cristano ronaldo s cristian?

Chritstino ronaldo is a christian!

Is cristano ronaldo the best footballer?


How much moneyis cristano ronaldo?

as of 2010 cristano ronaldo cost 132 m in USA and in euros he is worth e80 m

What posion cristano ronaldo?

Ronaldo can play as a striker as well as a winger.

Where is cristano ronaldo from?

Cristiano Ronaldo is originally from Portugal.

Top goal scorers 20072008?

1. Cristano Ronaldo

Who is the recently highest paid soccer player?

cristano ronaldo

Is cristano ronaldo fit?

he is very fit.He has a six pack

Is Ronaldo in a Gaelic football team?

he is not

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best soccer player in the?

No. Cristano Ronaldo Is the second best soccer (football) player in the world coming after Lionel Messi. It was a close call but Cristiano wasn't far behind Lionel

Who is Better Cristiano Ronaldo or Cesc Fabregas?

I dont know what your smokin but cristano ronaldo is way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!