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pele, maradona, rooney, gerard, a.cole, lampard, beckham

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Q: Which football players were born October 16?
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How many professional football players are in Arkansas?


How people on a football team?

There are 16 players on a team 11 play football and 5 of them are subs.

How many football players are on the field at a time?

In American (gridiron) Football, there are twenty-two (22) players on the field; eleven (11) on each of two teams. In Arena Football, 8 players are on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball for a total of 16.

How many foreign football players are in arsenal?

In Arsenal there are only a few home players majority are French about 16 players are foreign.

Do pro football players get paid monthly?

No...they get paid weekly...for 16 weeks.

How many footballers in one team?

There are 16 football players in one team

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