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There are currently 15 players who natively speak the languages of Spanish, French, Portugese, Serbian, Bulgarian, Danish, and Japanese.

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Q: Which football players in Manchester United football team speak a foreign language?
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How many Manchester United players are foreign?

16 of Manchester United's First Team players are foreign. If you consider Darren Fletcher (Scotland), Ryan Giggs (Wales) and Johnny Evans (Northen Ireland) foreign, then it is 19.

How many foreign football players are in arsenal?

In Arsenal there are only a few home players majority are French about 16 players are foreign.

Is there any foreign players in college football?


What African football players who played Manchester United?

The African footballers who played for Manchester United in the past are Clinton fortune.

Whose Better At Football-Manchester City Or Arsenal?

Currently Manchester City as they have the bigger and better players within their squad.

English league Football Team that fielded the most scottish players?

Manchester United

What professional football players have worn number 18?

Paul scholes, manchester united

Which Football Team Has The Most Players In There Squad?

The football team with the largest squad is either Real Madrid or Manchester United.

What is the most players of one team to represent England football team in one game?

They were from Manchester united.

Which football club has the most players?

I think it is Manchester city.Or it maybe RealMadrid-Both teams have loads of money

Why does English football produce less home grown youngsters?

clubs like Manchester and Chelsea only want to buy famous and costly players. The last youth team players at Manchester United were Neville, Becheam, Scholes .

Which Football players have played for Manchester united and Barcelona?

Gerard Pique, Henrik Larsson, Jordi Cruyff and Mark Hughes