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Hawkeyes Currently Active in the NFL

Player Pos. Current Team NFL ServiceJonathan Babineaux DT Atlanta Falcons 1st year Jason Baker P Indianapolis Colts 4 years Ladell Betts RB Washington Redskins 3 years Matt Bowen DB Washington Redskins 5 years Dallas Clark TE Indianapolis Colts 2 years Jared Clauss DL Tennessee Titans 2 years Sean Considine DB Philadelphia Eagles 1st year Jared DeVries DL Detroit Lions 6 years Tim Dwight WR New England Patriots 7 years Colin Cole DL Minnesota Vikings 2 years Zeron Flemister TE New England Patriots 5 years Robert Gallery OL Oakland Raiders 1 year Mike Goff OL San Diego Chargers 7 years Tony Jackson TE Seattle Seahawks 1st year Erik Jensen TE St. Louis Rams 1 year C.J. Jones WR Cleveland Browns 2 years Nate Kaeding PK San Diego Chargers 1 year Aaron Kampman DL Green Bay Packers 3 years Kevin Kasper WR New England Patriots 4 years Pete McMahon OL Oakland Raiders 1st year Bruce Nelson OL Carolina Panthers 2 years Derek Pagel DB New York Jets 2 years Damien Robinson DB Seattle Seahawks 8 years Matt Roth DE Miami Dolphins 1st year Bob Sanders DB Indianapolis Colts 1 year Ben Sobieski OL Buffalo Bills 2 years Eric Steinbach OL Cincinnati Bengals 2 years Ross Verba OL Cleveland Browns 8 years Casey Wiegmann OL Kansas City Chiefs 9 years LeVar Woods OLB Arizona Cardinals 4 years Off of the top of my head... Chad Greenway - Minnesota Vikings Bob Sanders - Indianapolis Colts Dallas Clark - Indianapolis Colts Matt Roth - Miami Dolphins Jonathan Babineaux - Atlanta Falcons Robert Gallery - Oakland Raiders Nick Kaeding - San Diego Chargers I know I am missing some...

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Probably the most famous Hawkeye to play for the Dallas Cowboys was John Niland, who was an offensive guard from 1966 to 1974. Others have included: OT Dick Klein (1960); RB Jim Jensen (1976); RB Norm Granger (1984); OG/OT Jeremy McKinney (2002); and TE Scott Chandler (2010).

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Link is to all-time NFL players BORN in Iowa, not necessarily played high school in Iowa

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Bryan Bulaga

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Q: Which football players from the University of Iowa are currently active in the NFL?
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