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Real Madrid. They have won it 9 times already.

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Q: Which football club won most champion leagues?
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Which English football team has the most champion league trophies?

The Liverpool club in England has the most champion league trophies a total of five of them.

Which country has the most football leagues in the world?


What is the most popular football club in Vietnam?

Viettel Football Club is the most popular football club in Vietnam.

Where can football tables for Premier Leagues be found?

You can find football tables for Premier Leagues from a couple of places. The most popular place where you can get a football table is from Sky Sports.

Which English football team in furthest north?

This could be a trick question. The most northerly football club in England would be Berwick Rangers, but they play in the Scottish leagues - that's how far north they are.

Who scored the most goals in uefa champion leagues in year 2009?

lionnel messi

What is the biggest fantasy football organization?

Yahoo! claims to have the most fantasy football leagues.

The most successful team in England?

It is Liverpool football club with 18 league cups 5 champion league and f.A cups as well.

Who is rugby leagues most successful club?

St George illawara

Who played the most at Wembley Liverpool Football Club or Manchester United Football Club?

Manchester united football club

Which English soccer club has won the most leagues in a row?

Manchester United.

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Age Champion, Runner Up, Most records, Most Improved, Coaches Awards, Encouragement Award, Junior Club Champion, Senior Club Champion! Hope this helps!

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