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It is Manchester United with three champion league cups , Arsenal and Chelsea are yet to win a cup.

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Q: Which football club has taken the highest no of champion league trophy?
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When was Football League Trophy created?

Football League Trophy was created in 1983.

What is The footballl League Championship?

The Football League Championship is a Championship series where the highest levels of footbal players compete for a trophy. The trophy is awarded every year to the winning team.

How many times have chesale won the champion league?

Chelsea are still waiting for their first champion league trophy.

What is a sentence with Trophy in it?

We won a terrific championship trophy from our football league.

What is the gray cup?

It is the championship trophy for the Canadian Football League.

Which European team has won the most champion league trophy?

Real Madrid of Spain have won the champion league 9 times.

Do automatic promoted teams in football league receive a trophy?

Yes. The Champions of the league will receive a champions trophy, and the automatically promoted teams will also receive a trophy.

Which club in England won the highest trophy in football?

No club has won the Football World Cup trophy, since it is only contested by national teams.

What is the name of the trophy awarded to the League champions?

If it is Champion league. The pet name is big ears due to the shape of the handle.

Is there an English Football League team that have not won a trophy ever?


Classication of teams that won league title?

The winner of the English league winners are called E.P.Linners . But they are called Champion league winners if they win that trophy.

How big is the uefa champions league trophy in cm?

62 cm is the size of the UEFA Champions League Trophy