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Q: Which football club has had the most managers?
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What football league club has had most managers?

The Spanish La Liga a, and the club Real Madrid have had the most managers.

Do football managers have to pay to manage a club?

No, managers are usually paid for their services.

What is the managers name for the Italy football club?

bob bobington

Who were Liverpool Football Club's Managers in 2010-2011?

Roy Hodgson & Kenny Dalglish

How many soccer managers' sons have become soccer managers?

sir alex ferguson...the current manager of Manchester united football club

What premiership club has had the most managers?

Newcastle United

Which football club managers have been sacked this season?

Keep an eye on to see who has gone

Is there a List of longest serving managers for a club in football?

Sir Alex Ferguson Arsene Wenger. That is all.

Which football team has had the most managers?


What Scottish football club has Celtic football club beaten the most?

probably dundee united

Which club is most popular football club?

Manchester United

How many football managers have never played for a club?

brian kerr, AVB, jose mourinho and many many more